French Language Software

There’s a remarkable choice of French language software online, and on this page you’ll find an interesting selection of websites, all seemingly offering the same thing – French language teaching software – and yet all in so many ways!

Are you…a logical learner who loves grammar?a grammar-phobic?a vocabulary whizz-kid?a listener-and-repeater?

What kind of learning style suits you best? You may have studied French before, or perhaps you’re a complete beginner. And just how much French do you need or want to learn? It’s a good idea to think first about why and how you’re going to be learning French, so that you can choose the best system for you. Rocket French

Rocket French gets you off to a flying start by offering you a six day free audio course. You can sign up, get an email a day giving you the link to today’s lesson, and see if you like what you’re learning.

The course starts off very simply – but instructions are crystal clear. You can repeat the lesson as often as you want – and you can also download the audio file to keep for future practice. After the conversation practice, you get to sample a grammar lesson outlining basic French grammar – and you can also listen to examples of the phrases provided, and repeat them to get the ideas into your head!

The audio transcripts aren’t long – but they are accompanied by plenty of explanation, and provide enough material for a full lesson. So you should be able to thoroughly learn what is presented to you.

The full Rocket French language software package includes interactive audio tracks, language lessons with exercises and comprehension clips, and French game and flashcard software.

Fluenz French

The Fluenz website has a modern, tech feel to it, announcing that it can bring “the magic of a great teacher to your computer.” And there’s certainly a huge amount of info on the site showing you exactly what you’ll be learning.

Check out the demo, showing you workouts including vocabulary and translation exercises, word dictation – and conversational role plays where you can record yourself in the interaction.

The demo page also offers you a sample session, which gives you an online peek into the DVD-ROM software.

Fluenz isn’t just for total beginners – if you’ve studied a bit of French before but never got round to gaining any real fluency, this course could be for you.

Byki French

Byki (“bye-key”) is a “powerful and personalized language learning system…” and is designed to get those French words and phrases stuck into your memory forever. Byki uses the “declarative learning” approach – which means memorizing words and phrases. Byki therefore concentrates on vocabulary, rather than the ins and outs of grammar, and gets you practising single words, longer phrases, common expressions and idioms. You can start learning through the Byki system by downloading their free Express software. Upgrade to deluxe, or browse the community resources where you can check out lists of French vocabulary that other users have created, along with their audio.

It’s a nice, relaxed kind of site, and the system will suit those of you who detest grammar

Declan’s French Flashcards software

Another word learning program, suitable for beginners or those of you with very rusty French, as this program concentrates on common words and phrases. You can download the demo freebie version first, and get going matching English to French words and phrases, and vice versa. As well as the PC version, you can also download mobile/iPhone/iPodTouch versions, if you’re on the move!

More French language learning resources

Learn French Online

Check out my top tips for websites where you can learn French online. Great for total beginners, or those of you looking to improve your language skills further.

French podcast lessons

Why not try a French podcast to improve your French? These audio lessons often come with an optional total package of language learning, but you can access a great deal of the audio goodies for free.