Toronto When to Go – Best time to go to Toronto

When is the best time to Visit Toronto? Well actually, in my view, any time of the year because of its extensive amount of indoor activities. Although, unlike every place that’s naturally more beautiful from May through September, Ontario is seasonally pretty during the off peaks with a colorful fall before the snow sets in. Canada is a warm climate in the summer, and so, if time is clearly a factor, as it is with many travel plans, it’s advisable to take a city break when it’s warmer, to appreciate all the sights.

In my own experience, I’ve been lucky to see Ontario in all its seasonal glory, and though the dead of winter makes you want to cuddle up to a nice log cabin fire, with a warm drop of whiskey in hand, there’s no denying, the first signs of a snow flurry are welcome; to break the stagnation of the long summer heat, whilst inviting the oncoming festivities. Also, the fist blanket of snow and surrounding nature – is a sight to behold.

Spring is also a good time to go too because there’s less traffic on the roads after the holidays and if you want to get out in the wild a bit and take in more than just the city, you’ll find the easy flow of traffic helpful as your travel the QEW and other main arteries, that might just get you lost – discovering something new. But my favourite time of the year is definitely the fall, September, October, as you get the scent of wood burning in the air and the leaves are simply magnificent, as they turn from green to yellow and eventually orange and red. It’s a wonderful time to take in the vast amount of outdoor scenery Ontario has to offer.